About Us

Our Mission:

To promote the creation of a safe, multi-use trail for non-motorized recreation, utilizing the former Central Michigan Railroad corridor (now owned by the Michigan Department of Transportation and managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment), between Ionia and Owosso, Michigan.

Our Vision:
To establish a linear park in the mid-Michigan area that will provide a safe, accessible, inexpensive and environmentally friendly recreation opportunity for non-motorized vehicles.

Purpose of the Friends of the Fred Meijer Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee Trail:

  1. To assist in developing a plan for a recreational trail utilizing the former Central Michigan Railroad right-of-way which traverses Ionia, Clinton and Shiawassee counties, with future possibilities to include connections with other existing trails.
  2. To ensure that an implementing mechanism is established to develop, maintain and operate the trail.
  3. To build community support for the trail by informing residents of its many benefits. Community support is essential to the success of the trail.
  4. To ensure a high degree of involvement and participation by the residents of Clinton, Ionia and Shiawassee counties and to support creation of an inter-local agreement among the governmental units in the affected communities that will maintain and police the completed trail.
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