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Friends of the Fred Meijer Clinton Ionia Shiawassee Trail

PO Box 274

St. Johns, MI, 48879

Contact Us: cistrail@gmail.com

The Fred Meijer Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee Trail

Friends of the Fred Meijer CIS Trail. All rights reserved.

                 CIS Trail,

                 PO Box 274

                 St. Johns MI, 48879

Would you like to volunteer to clear the trail/aid in trail maintenance? Thank you! However, please do not start clearing or cleaning without contacting us at,"cistrail@gmail.com". Please fill out the Release form below and send it back to us.


Trail Abuse

We have had several reports of unauthorized trail usage. It is a non-motorized, non-equestrian trail. The trail has signs stating its status. Again, motorized vehicles are PROHIBITED. Also, again, the trail is CLOSED to equestrian traffic. Please note: The Friends of the CIS Trail have no enforcement capacity ourselves.

Please help us by reporting problems.

Call 1-800-292-7800
Push "1" for Law.
This is the Poaching Hotline; it is the correct number. Please try to include the location and time. The report is sent directly to a conservation officer.

General Information Concerning Trail