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The Fred Meijer Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee Trail

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HEADS UP ! ! !

The mile section between Airport and DeWitt roads (between Fowler and St. Johns) has been designated as a TRAIL SURFACE TEST AREA. We have been working with county road engineers to find a solution to our surface conditions. There are six sections each with different test materials. These sections are open to bicyclists, runners, and walkers, but may be soft after a rain, so proceed with caution - use the shoulder if necessary. We appreciate your patience as we work through this process to IMPROVE your trail!

May 5, 2018

The Defense Against Diabetes:Fat Tire Ride

Sponsored by: Lions of Michigan

District 11-C2

April 13, 2018

Legislative Update for Week Ending April 13th, 2018 - Bob Wilson, MTGA

March 16, 2018.

Legislative Update for Week Ending March 9th, 2018 - Bob Wilson, MTGA

Trail is open to all non-motorized uses year round.

   Trail Length:  41.3 Miles

  Trail Surface:  12 ft, packed crushed limestone with 8 miles of asphalt in towns

Snowmobiles:   PROHIBITED

           Horses:   PROHIBITED

    4 Wheelers:   PROHIBITED

The Fred Meijer Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee Trail is a 41.3 mile, 12 ft. wide, packed crushed limestone, with 10 ft. wide asphalt surface in towns for a total of 8 miles of asphalt. It is non-motorized, non-equestrian, trail located in mid-Michigan in the counties of Clinton, Ionia and Shiawassee. It connects the communities of Ovid, St. Johns, Fowler, Pewamo and Muir/Lyons utilizing a former railroad corridor.

The trail parallels M-21 and traverses mostly rural areas and farming communities, but portions also run near Stoney Creek, Maple River and Grand River watersheds in Ionia County

The trail is owned by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and is managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) with the Mid-West Michigan Trail Authority and maintained by volunteers of the Friends of the Fred Meijer Clinton-Ionia-Shiawassee Trail.

The trail is part of the Midwest Regional Rail-Trail Network,  joining on the western end with the Fred Meijer Grand River Valley Trail (Ionia to Lowell), the Fred Meijer Flat River Valley Trail (Lowell to Greenville), and the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail (Greenville to Edmore to Alma) for a total of 125 miles.